Social Security Benefits

When a death occurs, there is a one-time death benefit payable to the surviving spouse from the Social Security Administration Department. The amount of $255.00 is paid providing the deceased has worked and contributed to the Social Security system for a minimum of four consecutive years. The deceased must also have a surviving spouse or dependent child living at the same residence.

The surviving spouse is eligible to collect the larger of the couple’s two monthly social security checks and the lesser check will be discontinued.

Social Security Administration:

Survivors Benefits

Disabilities Benefits

Burial and VA Benefits

Arlington National Cemetery


Burial and VA Cemeteries

To Obtain a Death Certificate

A death certificate for a current death is obtained through a local registrar and is only available from the funeral home at the time of death.


Death certificates that are needed after the funeral may be obtained directly from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. All details are available on the following web site:

Vital Chek


Order Death and Birth Certificates for ANY State

Federal Benefits for Veterans & Dependants

Burial and VA Benefits

A copy of the Veteran’s honorable discharge paper and a copy of the government form DD-214 (honorable discharge document) along with a certified copy of the death certificate is required to complete all forms for government benefits.


The Funeral Director will inform you as to what benefits you’re eligible to receive.


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